Training for a Marathon or Other Long Race

As a new runner, you should set reasonable objectives for yourself. A 10k marathon is not something you can train for in a few weeks

The walk-run strategy might help new runners ease into a regular running schedule. You need only break up your workout into intervals of running and walking. 

For first-time runners, completing a 5K is an achievable objective. If this is your first race of this type, you should give yourself at least seven weeks to train for it.

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Long distance running requires cooperation between the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Therefore, strength training can be an essential part of extending your running range.

A healthy diet is essential to running. Getting the proper vitamins and nutrients will go a long way toward helping you run further.

To keep your energy up during a long run, eat a modest snack of carbs and protein 15 to 60 minutes beforehand.  

There is always room to improve your running distance, whether you're a novice or a seasoned runner. Set reasonable goals and timetables to achieve them in manageable chunks

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