The Top-Selling Food Products in Each State

Plumber Steve Henson constructed Ranch in the Alaskan bush, but none of the stories mention the town. It was tough to encourage his grumpy coworkers to eat vegetables! 

 Arizona,The founders of Cold Stone Creamery weren't pleased with store-bought ice cream, so they made their own.

Arkansas ,Jimmy Dean was a successful country singer before creating sausage. After years of singing and performing, he believed he could produce the best sausage.

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Diamond Nuts has sold walnuts since 1912 since 99 percent of US walnuts are cultivated in California

Colorado,This famous dairy-free milk producer started as a tofu firm and tried meatballs, sandwiches, and sausage before choosing soy milk.

Connecticut,Margaret Rudkin had never cooked bread before, but when her kid had allergies, she did

Delaware has held an Apple Scrapple festival for 25 years, but Philadelphians love scrapple too! 

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