September New Moon Most Affects These 3 Zodiac Sign

Think twice before going on that shopping spree, Leo. As a feisty fire sign, it’s easy to be seduced into making hasty financial decisions.  

The Virgo energy won’t be forgiving of frivolous spending. Take this as your reminder to check in on (or set) your daily spending habits and long-term financial goals. 

You’ve had a lot on your mind lately, Libra, and this new moon may amp up the pressure. Virgo’s meticulous energy is pushing you to unpack the mental burdens 

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This is your moment to clarify your needs and priorities. “The influence of your 12th house won’t let you get away with illusions, so make sure you are moving through your shadow work 

This new moon is asking you to clear out [what you no longer need] so that you can experience the abundance of newness that is waiting for you, 

Turn inward to examine your deepest desires and reflect on how much you’ve evolved. It’s not always comfortable to face what you’ve outgrown, but so much goodness lies on the other side. 

It’s not all bad news, though. Because the new moon arrives in tandem with Mercury (Virgo’s ruling planet) going direct on Sept. 15 

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