Rarest Dogs in History

The Catalburun is endemic to the southernmost province of Turkey, Tarsus. The sad truth is that there are probably little more than 200 of them left in the wild today.

Even though New Guinea singing dogs can be domesticated, most available puppies are only a few generations removed from their wild ancestors.

The Teddy Roosevelt terrier has a reputation for being a "one-person" dog. He gets along well with other animals and children, but he has a tendency to pick one family member to watch closely.

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In Swedish, a shepherd dog is called a vallhund. Despite its very tiny legs, the vigilant vallhund was bred to be a herding dog. For the same reason, vallhunds are often referred to as "the big dog with short legs."

The Telomian, a dog breed native to Malaysia, is compact to medium in size and possesses a high level of physical prowess. Their purple tongue, large eyes, and zeal to learn have made them famous.

Because of their intelligence and vigilance, they make great guard dogs. They are also quite good at climbing

If you're looking for a dog but don't want another Golden Retriever, consider one of these unique breeds instead. 

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