Positive Cat-Inspired Lessons for Human Happiness

.Linus the cat taking a nap Cats are experts at taking care of themselves and unwinding. 

Cats are masters of the here-and-now. They approach life with childlike wonder and boundless energy, providing us with a model for how to develop our own capacity for mindful awareness.

Cats take pleasure in the simplest things, like chasing a paper ball or sleeping in a sunny spot. 

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Learn to Take Care of Yourself and Learn to Be Independent Deposit Photos photo. Cats have a well-deserved reputation for being fiercely autonomous.

Cats are very comfortable being themselves. They proudly display their originality and unique characteristics.

Cats are constantly investigating their environment because of their voracious curiosity. They inspire us to foster our own sense of inquiry, to keep an open mind,

Cats' playfulness, whether it's pouncing on a toy or indulging in a fun game of chase, is infectious.

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