Here are  reasons why Norwegian Forest Cats are awesome.

The Maine coon and Norwegian forest cat are similar, but Norwegians are smaller. Still, they're much larger than house cats. These beautiful cats average 20 pounds, but some are more. 

As the name says, this type resided in Norwegian forests and settlements, where it adapted well to the cold

Their ears have hair tufts on the points and interior flaps that resemble a little Lynx. To keep out snow and ice, their feet have thick fur between the pads.

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Forest Cats Hunt,If you have birds or rodents, these cats are fierce hunters. Safely house these small critters!

 They adore people,Forest cats enjoy people and prefer to cuddle. They're lively and athletic, thus they're not "lap cats" Your Norwegian woodland cat will nap with you if they have enough energy outlets. 

 Norwegian Forest Cats Are Called “Wedgie” They yawn and stretch.

Although tabby Norwegian forest cats are common, this breed comes in dozens of hues and patterns. 

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