5 Zodiac Signs Who Can’t Control Their Anger

Fire and impulsivity characterize Aries, symbolized by the ram. They have trouble controlling their wrath, which can flare up fast.

Mars, the planet of action and violence, rules Aries. Their impatience and need for instant results might cause rage when things go wrong. 

Taurus, devoted and determined, can be stubbornly angry. After being provoked, they struggle to control their anger.

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The royal lion represents Leo's self-confidence and pride. A shattered ego can cause extreme anger.

Scorpio, the Intensely Passionate Sign, is known for its intensity and passion. They are deeply emotional and can be as angry as they love when provoked.

Leos have a high sense of self-worth, so any perceived challenge to their pride might cause fury. They have trouble admitting error or backing down, resulting in heated arguments.

Scorpio Has Trouble Controlling Anger: Pluto rules Scorpios, representing change and intensity.

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