18 Simple Crostini Recipes You Have to Make

Garlic Tomato Bruschetta crostini is a great way to add a crunch to your favorite Italian dish. Using my grandmother's bruschetta recipe as a base, I just added fresh tomatoes

Crostini with Almond-Cheddar and Bacon baked crostini recipe is a nice alternative to the standard toasted tomato appetizer. You can make an angled cut in the baguette if you'd like.

I was curious about pomegranate seeds, so I made crostini with cream cheese, pistachios, and chocolate and topped it with pomegranate seeds. This crostini dish has gone to the next level!

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 Sweet Pea Pesto To lighten up the traditional pea pesto, I used vegetable broth in place of some of the oil and reduced the amount of cheese

Bruschetta with mashed avocado recipe was given to me by my mom, and I have since given it to many of my friends. This savory crostini snack is a perennial favorite.

Little toasts topped with Mixed Olive Crostini are so lovely and delicious that they quickly disappear. The ingredients are undoubtedly already in your kitchen

Grapes on Crostini, Roasted Manchego cheese and sherry are just two of the many delicious discoveries I made on my recent vacation to Spain

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