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The information provided on the “Website” is for informational purposes only. All content provided on this site has been done so in good faith, and we take every precaution to ensure its accuracy. However, we make no claims or promises, either stated or implied, about the Website’s content or its information, goods, services, or connected visuals being complete, accurate, reliable, suitable, or available for any particular purpose. All implied warranties and representations are also excluded.

1. Data on how to improve one’s physical condition

The information presented on this website is not meant to substitute for the expertise of a doctor or other trained medical practitioner. Never put off seeing your primary care physician or another licensed healthcare specialist if you have questions regarding a medical condition or the specifics of your individual fitness goals. Never disregard the advice of a medical professional or delay treatment because of anything you read online.

2. Activities outside of the gym that promote physical fitness

The website describes a number of physical activities and exercises, each of which carries with it some degree of risk. You should take stock of your present fitness level and consult a medical professional before beginning any form of exercise program. The Health Club disclaims all responsibility for any harm that might come to any person as a result of doing any of the exercises or activities described on the website.

3. Relative Variability in the Outcomes

The results of exercise programs vary greatly from one person to the next because of factors like genetics, lifestyle, diet, and dedication. The website’s success stories and testimonials should not be interpreted as guarantees of a specific result. The time and attention you devote to the provided tools will determine how far you get.

4. External Websites Linked to

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5.  Modifications to the disclaimer

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This is a standard disclaimer form, so you’ll need to tailor it to the specific terms and risks associated with the services your fitness center provides. To make sure the disclaimer is appropriate and in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, it is recommended that legal counsel be sought.

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